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by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-31
\"Hello, the zebra crossing you just glued to your phone with your eyes.
According to the Wenzhou civilized behavior promotion regulations, anyone who watches a mobile phone while crossing the road will be fined 10 yuan.
\"This is a message sent by traffic police Gao Guandan in Lucheng district, Wenzhou city, East China\'s Zhejiang province, when a woman who just used a zebra crossing and stared at her mobile phone was fined, the Beijing News recently reported.
Someone pays attention to their phone through another person, or what happens around them, and this phenomenon is called \"phubbing \".
* The recent incident marked the first example of a ticket being issued while crossing the road since the Wenzhou regulations on civilized behaviour came into effect on January 1.
After the ticket was issued, a volunteer dressed up as a well
The well-known Chinese cartoon character \"slow sheep\" gave the woman a \"slow sheep\" doll, saying she needed to cross the zebra crossing faster next time.
Gao said it was dangerous for people to cross the road too slowly or not to see where they were going, explaining, \"the purpose of issuing tickets is to raise public awareness.
The case was hotly discussed online.
Some experts believe that appropriate laws and regulations must be implemented in order to prevent similar acts, while others believe that more laws and regulations may increase the burden of law enforcement.
According to a survey conducted by the China Youth Daily in 2017, 72.
2% of respondents admitted watching mobile phones while crossing the road, which exposed a national problem.
\"While issuing tickets can\'t eradicate the problem, it can alert people to the consequences and help curb the trend of people checking their phones when they are not safe,\" Zhu Lijia said, A professor at the Chinese government research institute told the Beijing News.
Zhu Rongji pointed out that in the past few years, people have seen mobile phones instead of where to go, causing many avoidable injuries and deaths.
\"I think these policies are essential,\" zhu said . \" He added that Wenzhou\'s regulations were designed to save lives.
However, Zhu Wei, an associate professor at China University of Political Science and Law, told the Beijing News that if policies, laws and regulations are relied on to solve all social problems, they will have adverse effects, such as increasing the cost of legislation and law enforcement.
* The Western definition of Phubbing is a bit different-it is used to describe the behavior of the person you are talking to in order to look at your phone.
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