love island merchandise – from personalised water bottles and washbags to phone covers and wristbands

by:TenChen Tech     2020-02-21
When they hook up, break up and make-up, Love Island attracts the whole country in the drama of the charming villa crew.
As in previous years, people can express their love for the show by equipping themselves with official and unofficial goods. Here\'s how. . .
The official store at the show currently has four items, a water bottle, phone case, wristband and laundry bag.
In the last series, people are frantically looking for personalized bottles owned by contestants.
The official Love Island font has its name on the side-pink and people can\'t wait to get their bottles.
They were very popular and sold again this year for £ 15 plus postage and packaging.
The 750 ml bottle comes with a white plastic screw top, a finger ring, a straw and a removable fruit input.
People can personalize with their names or words with up to 12 characters, and for the first time people can choose whether they like the pink, orange or blue font on a white bottle.
Classic white and pink wristbands have now been added.
1 The band says \"alone\" while the other side says \"coupling\" so you can adjust accordingly.
The phone case is clear and has the same signature text.
This case is available for iPhone X, iPhone 8 plus/7 plus, iPhone 8/7, iPhone 6/6 S, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7.
Priced at £ 10 plus postage, it can also be personalised with names or words of up to 12 characters.
Love Island wash bag is new this year, it will be as popular as water bottle.
The clear wash bag can also be personalized at a price of £ 12 plus postage.
If no one can interest you, there are many other Love Island delicacies on sale.
Missguided has launched a section dedicated to the show on their website.
The online store has a Missguided Styles Love Island Collection, featuring a range of holiday items such as bikini and jumpsuit inspired by popular shows.
The price of a pair of sunglasses ranges from 3 to the price of a decorative kimono from 180.
Primark also worked with the show to sell a range of items.
Only in-
They have a range of themed towels, swimsuits, hats, bags and photo frames instead of an online store.
All of these are slogans with the theme of Love Island, some of which include a black swimsuit for £ 8 with the words \"I should go to Love Island \".
This is a matching monochrome tramp bag for £ 6.
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Win a £ 10,000 holiday for you and three friends and a flamingo-
Themed towels with exhibition signs are only £ 12.
A pyjamas set consisting of a camper top and shorts with the words \"Don\'t bother during Love Island\" and palm trees on the shorts.
The price of this range is between 6 and 12.
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