nintendo has invented a playable game boy phone case — but there might be a disappointing reason why

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-06
Who won\'t miss their Game Boy?
Source: News Ltd. Nintendo has filed a patent for a Game Boy smartphone.
The patent has not yet been approved, but it outlines a case that includes the ability to press a button on a smartphone\'s touch screen in order to play mobile games that evoke the nostalgic classics of the past.
The patent describes a phone case that, although the case itself does not run the game, allows you to turn your smartphone into a Game Boy that looks a lot like it.
Instead, it enables the user to press the touch screen of the phone in a similar place to the classic 1989 Game Boy button layout, although there is also a square hole that reproduces the look of the portable console screen.
However, some video game enthusiasts suspect Nintendo only applied for the patent to prevent other companies from filing similar cases, rather than preparing for the launch of the official game boy smartphone shell.
\"They may be applying for a patent so that no one else can apply for it,\" said a Reddit user . \".
\"There may not be a plan to actually do this.
\"This is the patent for the Nintendo Game Boy mobile phone case filed with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office.
Source: supply this possibility has raised concerns that similar devices already exist in the market.
Such as the Hyperkin SmartBoy device and the Wanle gamer console-
Could be the goal of the Nintendo legal team.
\"Yes, now (Nintendo)
\"Having a patent, they can send a stop order to Hyperkin,\" said another Reddit user . \".
But while Nintendo has been careful to protect its brand and intellectual property, the application itself shows that devices such as Hyperkin SmartBoy will not be affected by patents.
This is because the patent only describes the mechanism of using the smartphone shell button to operate the touch screen below, rather than the more abstract idea of playing \"Game Boy game\" on the smartphone.
Who don\'t miss their old game boy?
Source: In contrast, gadgets such as SmartBoy and Wanle Gamers consoles work differently, including built-in
Electronics, even games.
In addition, the application has not yet been accepted and the US Patent and Trademark Office website classifies its status as a \"new case on record --
Prepare for the exam \".
While there is no specific reason to think that Nintendo\'s application will not be successful, only about the patent application is approved, so there is no guarantee yet.
With the increasing popularity of retro video games, Nintendo\'s Game Boy smartphone Shell app has become hot. The mini-NES and -SNES consoles (
All from Nintendo)
Sony has been hit hard in the past few years, and Sony recently announced the launch of the PlayStation Classic.
Given that Nintendo\'s patent application does not seem to have a direct relationship with devices such as wanle gaming consoles, this could be the first step for Nintendo to produce nostalgic game boys --
Style extension for smartphones.
We can only hope.
This article was originally published in the sun and reprinted with permission.
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