personalized phone case: diy father’s day gift

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-17
In life, my favorite thing is to help my children think carefully from-the-
A gift to the one they love.
As Father\'s Day approaches, my daughter and I have recently begun to brainstorm some interesting ideas. Our criteria?
No matter what we do, it must be something our dad likes and will use, not something that will eventually only go to the drawer and never show up again.
So this sweet hand
Draw phone cases for my little guy\'s technologyloving papa!
The project itself is very fast and simple, because the phone seems to be something that almost everyone has in this era, so it is certainly useful.
Here\'s what you need to do for dad (
Or dad, or someone special)
In your life: a clear phone case (
These can be found very cheap on the Internet)
Card stocka pencilscissorsmarkersa small art knife (optional)
Starting with a slight tracking mobile phone set (open-side up)
Stock your card.
Placing your case in the corner of the card seat will mean less cutting and two completely straight sides.
I love you, Dad. You will.
Simple gift IdeaNext, cut off the card inventory within your tracking line to make sure it\'s right.
If your case has a camera lens opening, you can carefully cut a hole in the insert with a normal knife, or choose to cut the corner completely.
Interesting part now!
Invite your little one personalized card-stock insert!
My daughter chose to draw a portrait of her with her father and brother, but there was nothing here.
Your little one can paint by himself, write down the names of everyone in your family, or write a special message to him or her dad.
Once you\'re done, just put the insert in the box and you\'re done!
When in use, the phone will keep the inserts in place, but if you want to keep it safe before then, just a few small tape or a few glue points! Also fun?
Include multiple inserts so dad can change it from time to time.
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