raz mobility launches accessible mobile phone for individuals with impaired vision

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-08
VIENNA, Va. —RAZ Mobility (www. razmobility. com)
Mobile-assisted technology provider Lucia has announced the launch of a mobile phone in Lucia.
Lucia is an easy person. to-
Use basic phones designed to address the unique needs of people with blind, low vision or hearing impairment.
People who are completely blind can use Lucia as fully and effectively as those with normal vision.
According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 9% of adults in the United States are hard to see even with glasses or contact lenses.
Among adults over the age of 85, this number has increased to 23. 5 percent.
According to the National Institutes of Health, about 15% of American adults have at least hearing problems.
Lucia was designed to help these underserved populations.
\"Lucia is a fully accessible phone with unique features such as a large tactile button of different colors and shapes, a voice guide that tells the user what is on the screen and what button is pressed, ergonomic design and SOS buttons, \"said Robert fairgar, CEO of RAZ Mobility.
\"These features provide visually impaired people with unprecedented ability to easily access each feature of the phone.
Lucia is the perfect choice for the elderly, such as blind veterans, and others who want accessibility and a simple combination.
\"RAZ Mobility works with mobile phone manufacturers in Lucia, Switzerland to offer this particular solution in the US, Canada and Mexico.
Voice guides for phones are available in English, Spanish and more than ten other languages, so both English and non-English can be enjoyed
People who speak English are the same.
It also has a big, high
Zoom in on the contrast display of the text, and the option to press the button to zoom in on the audio.
Lucia is an unlocked 3g phone and is confirmed to work in the USS.
Carriers such as AT&T, T-
Mobile, and compatible with GSM network, such as Cricket Wireless, red bag mobile phone, to be honest and subway T-Mobile.
An unlocked 4g phone will be launched in the future.
Nermin Selimic, chief operating officer of RAZ Mobility, said, \"as a provider of advanced mobile-assisted technologies, we realize that there is no simple-to-
People with blind or low vision can use their mobile phones.
In its 2018 report to Congress on accessibility, the Federal Communications Commission also concluded that there was little progress on \"accessibility\"smartphones.
Lucia\'s phone was designed to fill this gap.
In addition to consumers, many mobile providers around the world have expressed interest in providing their customers with accessible basic mobile phones.
\"RAZ Mobility is an exclusive distributor in the United States and Canada and to consumers, state agencies, the Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States, wireless providers, non-
Profit institutions and-
Profitable company.
Lucia phones can now be ordered at www. razmobility.
RAZ mobile offers unique and cut-
Edge mobile technology solutions for disabled people.
These solutions take the form of mobile applications, mobile devices, or software bundled with mobile devices.
RAZ Mobility for consumers, Department of Veterans Affairs of the United States, National equipment distribution program, other government agencies, senior and assisted living providers, schools, non-
Profit institutions and-
Profitable company.
Learn more about RAZ Mobility on www. razmobility. com.
Contact RAZ alimitynermin Selimicnermin.
Selimic @ razmobility. com1-703-879-
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