rebekah vardy\'s £900 phone case collection revealed: chief wag turns heads with her bling-tastic swarovski-covered accessories as she cheers on husband jamie in russia

by:TenChen Tech     2020-01-06
England\'s wives and girlfriends have received almost as much attention as their partners --
But there is no more wonderful performance than Rebecca Wadi.
Striker Jamie Valdi\'s wife has been enjoying wild nights with her family during breaks and with her companions, and she has been a regular fixture in the game, cheering from head to foot in designer clothes.
Now mail online can show the cost of some of her most expensive accessories, with a custom phone case collection totaling nearly £ 1,000. The mother-of-
Four of them had her phone case, customized by Crystal Ice in Blackburn.
Charging standard based on \"custom brand\"
Water 500 for their work.
Scroll down to watch the video the first time she was found with her jewelrytastic St.
On June, George crossed the case against Belgium in England at the garninggrad Stadium.
According to the retailer\'s website, the case is inlaid with Swarovski crystal with VARDY on the front and costs 230.
Rebecca also launched her customization.
In the match between England and Colombia last week, the \"amourdo\" case was created.
Decorated with blue, green and yellow crystals, decorated with her initials, the colorful box is also £ 30.
However, there is no doubt that such persistence is undoubtedly the case of \"Bo cristós\" of WAG, which cost 480.
This is all Rebecca\'s show-
The collection of mobile phone cases was stolen to an amazing 940.
Celebrity customers including TOWIE cast and Paris Hilton, crystal ice also sells crystal-
Water bottle with lid, photo frame and carriage bell.
It is not clear whether Rebecca bought his own mobile phone case or a gift from the company.
Mail online reached Crystal seed for comment.
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