review: mujjo leather iphone cases offer protection with a premium look

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-01
Covering your iPhone with a box is a necessary evil Apple design iPhone to make a visual statement and feel luxurious when it is held.
IPhone X is the final expression of this approach.
Unfortunately, the reality is that carrying an unprotected iPhone with you actually guarantees that you will ship the broken remains to the Apple store for repair or replacement.
This is not a real question, but when.
Especially for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, glass is used before and after. . .
If reality invades and forces you to make a protective case, then the aesthetic situation doesn\'t have to be terrible.
Mujjo makes a wide range of ultra-thin enclosures that complement the iPhone\'s look with high dimensions while also providing anti-touch protectionQuality leather.
Mujjo holster (Black)
Full leather wallet (Tan)
Mujjo is a Dutch company that does a particularly good job in leather.
Its iPhone case is stylish in appearance, low profile and tightly shaped in leather.
Cutouts chamfer, buttons are covered but fully functional.
On the inside, the Japanese microfiber is used to protect the iPhone from scratches while adding some padding.
In general, the two cases I tried were feather light and didn\'t add any volume to my iPhone-
Just the extra depth of 1mm required to protect the lip, when placing the face, the lip protection can prevent scratches on the monitordown.
Both cases provide the flex needed for easy disassembly.
The full leather case I have tried is for the iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus.
It\'s black. it\'s tanned by plants.
In addition to Lightning ports and speakers, cereal leather covering the entire iPhone.
The leather is smooth and has no seams, adding warmth to the iPhone. At about $43 (
Prices vary depending on the current exchange rate)
Its price is about $6 lower than Apple\'s own version, offering an attractive alternative.
My favorite is the $48 leather wallet.
An integrated card slot is neatly sewn on the back to allow you to throw away your wallet and carry three cards with you.
This case is characterized by the same height.
Premium leather, but really bronze skin that makes the black iPhone popular.
What really stands out is the bronze color on the black combination.
The problem with tan leather is that it will get dirty when handled.
Not just patina, but grimy.
However, the photos taken showed that the Mujjo case was not cleaned after one and a half months of intermittent use.
It stays well.
Mujjo offers a wide range of iPhone cases, covering the iPhone 6 through the iPhone X, as well as the Galaxy s8.
Different styles and colors-
Including the eye-catching olive leather.
Sliding your iPhone into the Mujjo shell can protect you from daily bumps and increase the feeling of warmth and dirt, rather than reducing the look and feel, and I think it actually makes the iPhone look better.
Especially the killer combination of black and brown. . .
Disclosure: Mujjo provided the assessment case but did not provide any input to this review.
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