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by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-23
Apple\'s iPhone is a beautiful device, but beauty is often fragile.
If you work around the clock outside and you like to take risks, or you often drop your iPhone, you must consider investing in a tough, rugged iPhone case that can withstand the blow.
We have gathered the toughest opponents here.
These are the best iPhone covers.
City armor equipment monarch case you can judge this case is difficult by looking at it.
UAG\'s products look like things that Space Marines will carry, but they are actually made of light plastic instead of metal.
There are rubber reinforcements in the corner to absorb the impact, and rubber feet to prevent the iPhone from slipping from the surface.
The oversized button cover is easy to find and makes it easy for the button to press
Even if your hands are wet or dirty.
This case is also more than a military strike. Test criteria-
It can withstand 4 feet drops without damage.
Otterbox Defender series CaseMany people think Otterbox is the golden standard for iPhone\'s rugged protection, and the Defender series is the toughest case it offers.
It features a layered design, a durable silicone slip sleeve surrounded by a polycarbonate housing.
Usually, there is also a built-in
But the iPhone XS version is \"screen-free \".
\"You\'ll also find that the lid can remove lint and dirt from your port, along with a leather sleeve with a belt clip inside that can be used as a stand.
The button cover is well defined and easy to press.
Otterbox tested these cases through 24 different tests for a total of 238 hours, so you can be confident in drop protection.
There are many kinds of good options for inciio mitigation movement CaseOffering, and inciio makes a lot of import, which is one of the most protected.
This case combines a clear, scratch
Pc-resistant housing with flexible frame and reinforced angle.
If dropped, your iPhone will most likely land in one corner of it, so the design of this inciio case can provide a good drop protection --
It can even handle falls up to 12 feet. Built-
At the opening, you can easily access the port and camera of the mobile phone, the button cover works well, the shell on the front of the mobile phone is not found, and it is fully accessible.
However, if you want complete protection, you may want to pair this sturdy case with a screen protector.
The Tech21 Evo Check evokes that the iPhone case may be expensive, but sometimes it is worth it.
We \'ve seen firsthand how Tech21 can test a solid case and how its full range of products can provide solid drop protection for your iPhone.
Just like other Tech21 iPhone X cases in the series, Evo Check Evoke has already done a drop test from 10 feet, above the typical height of a smartphone drop.
The protection extends around the entire housing with three layers of protection on the bumper to eliminate any impact.
In this case, it is also relatively light, thin and comfortable to hold. It has built-
Large cut-outs for the button cover, camera, port and switch.
If you want something that is really waterproof, then this life-saving box is worth a look.
It gets an IP.
Level 68, which means it can be submerged in water up to level 6. 6 feet (2 meters)
In the absence of damage, up to an hour.
This case is also very difficult and will be hit by military.
810G-test standard-516.
6, so your phone should also be unscathed after falling from 6. 6 feet.
Obviously, you will get full coverage in this case, so no part of your iPhone is exposed to these elements.
Ideal for skiing and other adventures in harsh or wet conditions.
The boxes of the Supcase unicorn beetle Pro CaseRugged can be expensive, but the price of the Unicorn beetle in Supcase is amazing.
It not only utilizes a combination of hard polycarbonate and shock
Absorbent TPU but it also has a built-in
Screen protector and port cover.
Each angle of the IPhone XS will be covered with this case, which comes with a holster and a rotating belt clip.
The button cover is good and the cut is accurate, but the screen protector is a bit weak because it doesn\'t look or feel good.
This is one of our favorite iPhone cases, but it is also very sturdy.
It can withstand drops of up to 10 feet, and it is able to handle impact due to the internal design used to compress and disperse the ridges of the impact.
Matte finish enables the housing to resist scratches while the edges have raised rubber ridges to provide additional grip ,(hence the name). It has a dual-
There is a layer design of polycarbonate outside.
When face-to-face, the raised bezel will keep the screen in perfect condition, the cut is accurate, and the button cover works well.
This is not the most protective case that Speck currently offers, which is probably Presidio Ultra, which offers 15-
Foot drop protection and holster.
Unfortunately, there are some issues with Ultra that prevent us from recommending it --
The port cover is too easy to fall off and large in size.
Pelican shield of caxijing-
As we all know, when it comes to protective covers for various devices, the pelican also provides a very tough case for the iPhone.
The shield housing combines five layers of protection and even includes real Kefla fibers-brand fibers.
The result is far beyond military standards.
Tested from a height of up to 24 feet, this case will survive multiple declines.
The frame is secured together in several places, securely securing the iPhone XS in place, and there are ports and switch covers to prevent dirt.
It also comes with a lifetime warranty.
It is large in size, but this case will be provided if you need serious drop protection.
Griffin Survivor Extreme case this is a case where you can accompany you on an outdoor adventure and keep your iPhone safe.
It has been tested for drop in places up to 10 feet (3 meters)
On the concrete, it allows your phone to be safely placed inside.
It is also sealed around the iPhone, reaching the IP55 level, so there is no chance that rain, mud or snow will enter and cause any damage.
There is a protective cover for both the buttons and ports, but there is also a film to protect the speaker and microphone without making the sound too low.
It comes with a clip that can be hung on a belt or bag and can also act as a stand.
This is a classic double-
Layer box with flexible TPU housing and hard pc housing covered on top of it.
The drop protection is solid at around 4 feet and there are air bags inside to help eliminate impact.
You can also find button covers, accurate openings, and convenient pop-ups
Support at the back.
There is a very slight raised lip around the screen, but for real peace of mind you may want to pair it with the screen protector.
This molded case is very fit, but it provides excellent protection.
The frame extends back and forth to protect your iPhone from drops of up to 11 feet.
This is enough for most falls and bumps, but you always have the possibility of being unlucky, so consider pairing it with one of the best iPhone XS screen protectors.
The bumper is smooth and curved, but easy to grip, and you can choose from a variety of different finishes on the back, including carbon fiber (pictured)
Leather, wood and microfibre.
The fit is perfect, but it can be difficult to remove the box.
The Catalyst Impact chassis with clear back shows your iPhone design, and the Catalyst Impact chassis protects your Apple phone with a thick bumper that extends back and forth.
It offers drop protection up to 9. 9 feet.
It features an unusual dial with a mute switch, a textured button cover, and a precise cut.
It does not interfere with wireless charging and also comes with a rope strap.
There are many different color combinations.
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