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by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-08
The Nespresso ProdigioNespresso machine showed up decent coffee at home easily without more horror moments!
Very simple equipment, you fill them with water, put them in your capsule of choice and enjoy your coffee.
Prodigio\'s goal is to increase by a little bit higher
The technical function of this process is to add a Bluetooth chip and a dedicated application.
The app will allow you to set up your coffee, arrange your beer when you choose, remind you of the water level, let you see how many capsules you use and order extra capsules.
There is a useful machine in the kitchen or office that allows you to prepare your coffee without moving from the chair.
But there are also a few shortcomings.
First, you need to prepare the capsule and second, the range is limited because it uses Bluetooth.
If you don\'t mind these restrictions, then there is no reason not to buy Prodigio for 199 euros compared to other models of the Nespresso series.
The coffee is just as good, and the extra features are a useful addition.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is Samsung\'s great success after S6 Edge.
The S7 Edge still has lovely curved screens that surround the device, but some major changes have taken place in the process of distinguishing it from its predecessor.
It\'s getting bigger and now there\'s a 5.
5 inch AMOLED display, but keep 1440p resolution.
Now there are micro
SD slot, this is something that is missing in S6 and a lot of people miss it.
The size of the battery has also increased by 1000 mAh, and now it has reached 3600mAh (
Sadly still not mobile).
Finally, the S7 Edge is waterproof now, so if you throw it in a running tub (
It happened to me recently! )
You won\'t stare at expensive repairs.
It is IP68 certified, so it should be able to be flooded within 1 hour. 5m of water.
In addition to these major changes, there are more subtle changes.
S7 Edge has a new chip with Exynos 8890 running at 2.
4 GHz, paired with 4 gb ram.
It runs Android Marshmallow very smoothly without lag and stuttering, which is the same as Samsung\'s flagship phone.
The camera also made a small re-adjustment, and now it has a lot of Flushing on the back, not the obvious bump before.
The lips are still small but not so obvious.
The resolution of the camera is reduced from 16MP to 12MP internally, but it uses dual pixel technology, which means that there are two photosensitive diodes working together.
This means that it works better with less light, 4 times faster than its predecessor, and autofocus is faster.
Battery life is really good due to increased capacity, I often have a good 25-
The high usage rate is 30% after a day.
The S7 Edge is also equipped with a fast charger, charging up to 50% in half an hour, and wireless charging is also supported.
High-end phones usually have a normal battery life due to their power-hungry components, but this is definitely not the case here.
For now, the S7 Edge seems to be the phone to beat.
It\'s as fast as lightning, it looks great, and the battery life is good.
Phones from other manufacturers will challenge it in the coming months, but now S7 Edge has its own stage.
The Carphone Warehouse has a bill of 119 euros per month.
Virtual reality is the future of Samsung Gear.
We \'ve heard it for a while, but this year looks like a year for VR, and devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony Playstation VR are all on track to launch this year.
The price of these devices is very high, well below 600 euros, so the goal of Samsung Gear VR is to give you a good experience at a low price of 99 euros.
How to do this is simple;
It uses some clever software to provide a compelling experience with the display and functionality of the phone.
This headset was developed in conjunction with Oculus, one of the pioneers in today\'s booming virtual reality market, where you can select the title from the Oculus store.
Granted, you need a high-end Samsung phone.
Gear VR compatible phones include S6, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, Note 4 and Note 5. Not a bad line-
But if your preference is for another manufacturer then you are out of luck.
Headphones are physically strong enough.
It looks a bit like a snorkeling mask with two special glass lenses set up in the frame to allow you to sense the VR effect.
The lens can be adjusted by the wheel at the top of the headset so you can focus the image to your liking.
There are two adjustable straps that support it, one above your ears and the other above your head, and the fit is very comfortable with a lot of foam buff.
On the side of the headset there is a touch screen and a return button that allows you to browse the menu without the need for a controller and even play some games.
The way it works is simple: you put your phone in front of the device it acts as a screen.
Samsung has designed it so that you can also plug your headphones into your phone so you can get a full VR experience.
This is the hardware part.
What really shines is software.
Once plugged into the phone, it will automatically start the Oculus Home, a portal where different software can be installed.
I tried the Netflix app for the first time, it was very smart, put you in a large virtual cinema and it automatically darken when your show starts to play.
There is also a 3D photo viewer that can take you to a variety of exotic places, like pyramids, to show you around like you are there.
I \'ve also played a lot of fun games like Eve: Gunjack, which lets you get into the turret on a huge starship and lets you fight with endless enemies.
It was very cool to look around the turret, even if it was a bit disturbing to see a huge gap under your feet!
If you have a Samsung phone then this is a great gadget.
It will not ruin the bank and provide a wonderful introduction to the virtual reality world.
Microsoft Surface BookI is often very picky when choosing a new laptop.
On my current wish list, there are a few small, light, powerful enough things to play the game for a while, and the battery life is also good.
Typically, three of these criteria are selected, but Microsoft has released their innovative Surface Book.
The Surface Book is not just a laptop either;
By pressing the button, the screen will separate and become a fully functional tablet.
This is a very neat function that greatly increases the versatility of the device.
The out-of-the-box Surface Book looks impressive, crafted from two solid magnesium blocks.
The laptop\'s screen and body are connected through what Microsoft calls a dynamic pivot hinge, which is segmented, and interestingly, when the laptop folds off, a small gap is left, it reminds people of the spine of the book.
There are also some clever techniques on the hinges, and Microsoft uses the so-called muscles --
Lock the screen on the base.
When the current is applied to the muscle line, the muscle line will deform and then return to its original state when the current is turned off.
This maintains a rock-solid connection between the screen and the base, which is a good thing!
The screen itself is a 13.
5 inch event with a resolution of 3000x2000.
The screen also has a motherboard and CPU that integrates the graphics chip, so it can run independently of the base.
You can choose two Intel Skylake CPUs-
Basic model i5-
The 6300u runs at 2. 4GHz or i7-
6600u runs in 2. 6GHz.
You can choose to combine these CPUs with different levels of RAM and hard disk space, or if you have a dedicated graphics card.
I suggest you take the card with you;
Microsoft chose Nvidia Geforce 940 M, which is slightly cut, based at the base.
Having a discreet graphics card makes a big difference, and I found that the Surface Book can happily play Battlefield 3 at frame rates in their 50 s or so.
It also handled Civilization V very well, which is a good thing because it can make the long distance trip go on very quickly!
Granted, my model is the high end of the Surface Book series, with i7-
6600u, plus 8gb of RAM and 256GB of SSD as well as dedicated graphics cards, but you may choose a cheaper i5 model and won\'t miss much performance, especially games.
The Surface Book also comes with the Surface Pen, which allows you to use the screen as a very useful drawing Surface, which is great for graphic designers or budding artists.
Use a magnet to clip the pen to the side of the screen, but just in case, you may consider preparing a cover with a separate pocket for it.
Overall, I was impressed with the Surface Book
It ticks when I look for a laptop.
The only downside is that it\'s not cheap, it\'s a high-end device with the right price.
Currently, you expect to pay more than 1500 euros for the base model, and the model I use is about 2000 euros.
Nevertheless, the features and versatility it offers make it worth your consideration and there is nothing better on the market than it is.
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