the phone case that comes with a built-in drone: prototype design includes uav to help take better selfies

by:TenChen Tech     2020-02-29
The next wave of personal drones may be carefully placed in your phone case.
A new concept called \"drone\"in-a-
The phone shows a small, foldable quadcopter included in a slide
Compartment of smartphone case.
The small craft pulls power from the cell phone\'s battery, can fly for more than 25 minutes at a time, and uses a tether camera to take aerial photos.
Scroll down from London to watch video concept
BasedBuzz Technology was recently selected as the finalist for the British inventor project.
In the video explaining the design, the creator shows how the phone case contains slides
There\'s a small four-drawer inside.
Propeller drones and cameras
When the drone is taken out of the box, the folding propeller moves to the correct position.
Drones and cameras are tied to the phone, expanding the coverage of the smartphone to achieve an unreachable angle to take photos.
Moreover, this also prevents the drone from being swept away by the wind.
The aircraft will fly longer than the current micro-aircraft.
Drones, usually 4-5 minutes.
Powered by a connected smartphone, the creator says it will fly for more than 25 minutes.
Besides that, the camera will be 8-
12 MP is consistent with smartphone features.
The video explains that it is connected to an integrated drone that enables long flight and high resolution photography.
The tether camera can even be attached to a pair of glasses.
This gadget will also work with a magnetic installation system that can be used to connect a camera to a moving object like a car.
Doing so allows a person to take action with less risk.
The camera lens can be replaced to take different types of photos, including standard photos, wide-angle photos and macro photos.
The camera can also be flipped, which the creator says eliminates the need for the front camera
Face the selfie camera.
In addition, the housing can also have its own built-in-using the camera module-In the selfie stick
It pulls out like an antenna and connects to the tether camera.
As the development continues, the creators explain a built-in
The battery pack can be used to extend the functionality of the drone and can even be used as a backup for the phone.
According to Buzz Technology, the team will launch Kickstarter-for drones-in-a-
Telephone Case in September.
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