There is nothing cuter than these animal butt phone cases

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-03
While some people may be looking for something shiny on their phones, while others prefer simpler designs-we\'re all talking about these animal ass designs that feature: Animals
, Mobile phone cases have all kinds of animal buttocks, so it doesn\'t matter whether you love dogs or crazy cats (
Although Corgis seems to be Miko\'s favorite design thing).
In addition to cats and dogs, animals such as pandas and zebras also appear in the collection, usually designed using materials such as 100% Australian felt.
All items sold on Etsy are sold between £ 20 and £ 40 per box.
It\'s a bit expensive, of course, but it\'s totally worth it.
Don\'t just believe what we say, though-listen to this happy customer: \"I got the cat ass on the iPhone 6 plus case.
This is the perfect case I have ever seen.
Details of Cat\'s ass and ball (lol)
The tail, the claws, and even the stripes are done very well.
I can feel the efforts of the seller to make this awesome craft.
\"Don\'t be afraid if you\'re not someone who likes the phone case but still loves the design because Miko also sells cigarette butts as key chains.
Let\'s face it, who doesn\'t want to see the rocking animal ass whenever you take out the car keys from your bag
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