this iphone case has police in a panic

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-14
This novelty iPhone case comes with an app.
Source: The novel phone case provided by the supplier is not a joke.
Police in the United States have exploded the plastic iPhone accessory, saying it was a waiting accident.
You can see their point of view in triggering happy state.
Law enforcement officers in New York took sales of phone cases so seriously that they warned sales that they were \"death traps \".
The case was sold on the Japanese trend store website, which has a variety of strange and quirky inventions, including \"skinny faces\"
Laptop Desk and beer maker.
The gun grip box is more like a device than the normal \"lid\", which can turn your iPhone 5 into a pistol!
It also comes with an interesting app, the site claims.
\"This app means you can play Russian roulette at a party!
Don\'t worry, you can\'t shoot!
But police and-
Gun advocates are concerned that this can easily be mistaken for being true.
\"Don\'t worry, you can\'t shoot!
\"The online list is displayed.
Source: provide \"the money earned from the sale of this case is blood money from stupidity to the blood of the person carrying the case, police union chairman Patrick Lynch told the media. “[They endanger]
Whether it\'s the lives of those who carry guns or the lives of police who work to remove illegal guns from the streets.
A former police officer told New York Daily that the cases were \"the stupidest and most dangerous thing I \'ve ever seen \".
Tony Herbert, a community activist in Brooklyn, will request a ban on the sale of these cases in New York.
\"If I were a policeman, it was dark. I saw this (case)
\"For a person, my first thought was to pull out my gun and resolve the threat,\" Mr Herbert said at a press conference . \".
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