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by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-04
The phone case is not just to protect the smartphone below.
They have become fashion accessories and the colorful XXL option has taken over our social media subscription.
Bigger, bolder and better-even major fashion companies are overtapping the trendthe-top stand-out pieces.
Of course, the functionality and fun of this trend are the same.
There is more rubber coating around the IPhone glass screen, which means that it is much less likely to break.
Yield to kawaii and buy our favorite bold case.
Charlotte Simon faux fur case you may have seen this case on your Instagram feed.
Charlotte Simon\'s faux leather case quickly became the blogger\'s favorite.
The latest must
With accessories, the boxes scream in spring in bright pastel tones.
Blue/Green, two shades of blue, pink/orange and our personal favorite lemon yellow/pastel pink embrace fluff with this stand --
Case for IPhone 7 or 8. £46.
41 | Revolve | buy now Guinness Lulu Guinness Lips cassekaur USA loose-
We are kissing the boring phone case and saying goodbye to Lulu guannies\'s charming lip set.
We designed this silicone rubber case for the iPhone 7, which is our kiss of approval. £28.
80 | Fraser House | Buy It Now Mental health warning Iphone, recently found this case on Gigi Hadid\'s phone, which is characterized by public service announcements warning social£24.
75 | urban sophistication | buy OrangePhone or Tic Tacs now? You decide.
Show your love for the Orange change of mint sugar by clamping this kitsch box on the back of your phone.
It\'s small and lightweight, adding luster to your phone.
If it doesn\'t itch your taste buds, go to RedBubble, which offers thousands of the most unusual and creative options. £19.
45 | red bubble | buy the nowMonki Rainbow Box, the super color rainbow box of Monki is the perfect solution.
Every time you look at your phone, there will be a smile on your face and it also comes with a screen protector to ensure extra safety.
This case is designed for IPhone 6 or 6 s.
5 | ASOS | buy magic voice unicorn phone case now we are a country obsessed with unicorns and it doesn\'t seem to change soon.
We have unicorns.
Decorated stationery, Frappucino, toast and now phone case.
Press the unicorn\'s nose to make a particularly magical sound.
12 | Claires | buy the Moschino pill pack phone box now. We love Moschino\'s fun phone case to get inspiration from this pill pack, which was designed for the iPhone 6 with the \"fashion killer\" case with a cigarette pack pattern on the label.
£ 39 | Farfetch | buy Burger case now to protect your phone from making this burger case more delicious.
While this may lead to an insatiable desire for Hamburg, it will certainly withstand those small blows and blows.
The case for IPhone 6, 7 and 8 is available.
£ 10 | Claires | buy nowStella Rainbow IPhone CaseSure to brighten your day, this Rainbow phone case does not include a pot of gold.
3D Cloud and many
The IPhone 7 is designed in color.
£ 55 | MatchesFashion | buy now-
Designer Virgil Abloh, proficient in white Iphone casesomedia, entered the mobile phone case craze with a calm attitude. White version.
Unlike the boots he was labeled \"walking\", the boots for \"social media rolling\" were unexpectedly not written on the back.
Instead, the box is decorated with the logo of the brand and is designed for the iPhone X.
£ NowVerdict 55 | Mr Porter | buy: We like to have one that is a faux fur from Simon Charlotte
The trend looks so bright and fun that we just want to curl up together. And we will.
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