Buying Guide: The Best Small Form Factor Power Supply

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-15
The best small form factor power supply your power supply is a small metal box located at the back of the desktop computer, which converts the power supply of the wall socket into the available power supply of the various components inside the computer.
Most of the power supplies are quite large units.
The electronics inside them are large and difficult to shrink, and the power supply also needs to provide enough connectors for all components in the PC.
However, the micromation of almost all other parts of modern computers also puts some pressure on the power supply to reduce its size.
There is no agreed \"small form factor\" power standard.
A typical power supply is often called an ATX power supply.
Today we are going to talk about smaller units called micro ATX or micro ITX powr power supplies.
These devices are ideal for desktop computers with built-in compact enclosures.
Apevia 250 w itx power supply this unit is a small reliable power supply designed for the mini ITX housing.
It itself is a very small power supply, about half the size of a normal power supply.
It is a little higher than it, which is common in these power supplies as they need to potentially fit into very small cases.
The connectors on the Apevia 250 W Small size power supply are limited.
There is only one motherboard connection, four Molex connections and one SATA connection.
Connector restrictions are a major drawback that must be considered.
The Antec earthgreen Green 380 W power supply ya small standard form factor power supply is a great choice for a micro ATX small tower or cube housing system.
As part of the Antec Earthwatts series, the equipment is highly efficient and has been certified in more than 80 bronze.
For most modern systems, including low power systems, the continuous power of 380 watts is sufficient
Computers and workstations for terminal games.
Earthgreen Green 380 is small but has many connectors.
In addition to the main board connection, it offers a 4-pin secondary board connector, 4 x peripheral connector, 5x SATA connector, 1x floppy connector, and 1x six-pin PCI-E connector.
While the price around $45 is definitely the high end of this price range, you may find that the efficiency value of this unit is extra money.
This power supply also has a three-year warranty period.
Corsair 450 W power supply players who want to build a powerful system in small and medium-sized enterprises
Tower or cube case will consider the 450 CMPSU of Corsair-
Power supply for DivX.
This compact but powerful device gives enough power to most gaming computers that use a single graphics card.
The connectors on this power supply are very extensive.
In addition to the main motherboard connection, the power supply provides a 4-pin secondary motherboard connection, 6x perpherial connector, SATA connector, 2x floppy disk connector, and 1x PCI-
E six-pin connector.
The device also has more than 80 certifications with a maximum efficiency of 85%.
The device also comes with a 5-year warranty.
The key is the price-you have to pay $75 for this unit.
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