diy custom phone case from scratch!

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-03
Have you ever thought about anything unique on your phone?
Tired of those fragile $1 phone cases?
Can\'t find the box you dream? Make your own!
This Instructure provides a simple and creative way to make your own phone case from scratch!
These materials are common around most householders, and everything can be purchased from dollar stores or nearby craft shops.
If you have any questions or ideas on how to improve this note, please comment in the comments section. . . .
Let\'s start! ! ! -A Phone (duh)-Duct Tape-Clear Tape (optional)-Scissors-Craft Knife (optional)-
A small self-sealing bag
Hot glue gun and glue stick-
Anything else you think you might need :)
* Important * Please, please, why please turn off your phone?
Because if you don\'t, it has the potential to overheat dramatically in the next few steps, which can cause system damage. . . .
As shown in the figure, put the mobile phone into the self-sealing bag and fix it with tape.
Use your hot glue gun and carefully \"paint\" on the cover \"--up phone.
Be careful not to melt the self-sealing bag with the tip/nozzle of the glue gun.
Remember to leave room for volume buttons, on/off buttons, etc. (
Uncover the screen. )
Use scissors to gently cut the pieces from the self-sealing bag to uncover the screen, buttons and charging holes.
Be careful not to scratch the phone screen.
Slide the box down and get ready for the next step.
I hope you all have a good time on this project!
So far, this is one of the only ways to make your own phone case at home.
Some other ideas are :-
Phone case on balloon
Case in shampoo bottle
Case made of cardboard
You can buy a DIY phone case kit online or at a toy store. Thank you for checking this manual and wish you a happy day! :)
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