diy phone case

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-02
How many times have you lost your precious iPhone, and when it goes to ruin, you retreat?
With DIY phone case, don\'t worry anymore!
This box provides extra padding for your beloved iPhone to prevent damage from those terrible drops.
It\'s time to put on your super sewing skills and give your phone the protection it deserves!
Material: first find a thick and strong interface (
I don\'t use an iron-on type).
Measure 1 inch down from the top and mark a line.
Drop your iPhone 1/2 off the line and measure 1/2 on all sides.
Mark these boundaries around the phone.
Vertical line inside (
Left in my photo)
Will be used as a folding line to make the other half of the interface body.
Take off your phone and fold along this line.
Cut the interface body out and expand it.
Next, fold the 1 \"line down to the side connected to the mark.
This side will become the outside of the phone case.
Sew along this thread.
It\'s time to get ready for the phone case.
Cut out a rectangular thick interface as wide as the phone case (
Half of the interface body rectangle)
About 3 inch tall.
Cut out external fabric and melted iron
On the interface of the same size as the flap rectangle.
Iron the interface onto the external fabric and sew this piece on the thick interface flap.
For the body of the case, cut out the external fabric and iron
On the interface, this size is a little wider and higher than the thick interface body you made before.
Iron the interface onto the external fabric, but do not stitch the fabric onto the thick interface body!
Next, fix the flaps to the top of the docking body.
If you are using a print with a picture, the image should be displayed updown.
Place the flaps 1/2 from the top and stitch them.
Now, after wrapping the top of the fabric, place the external fabric on the top of the interface body.
Sew along the top.
Turn over the phone case.
There should be some external fabric on the edge.
Iron these flaps to the inside of the shell and sew them along the edges.
Fold the work in half and stitch it along the bottom and sides.
Now you have a bag!
You\'re almost done!
Finally, it\'s time to enjoy velcro.
Break the fabric fusion glue and your velcro squares.
Stick a row of velcro squares near the top edge of the flap.
Put your phone in the box and estimate where the corresponding velcro should go.
Remove your phone and glue down another row of velcro.
Dry overnight.
Congratulate you on completing the production of your own iPhone case!
It will save your phone from the terrible drop!
These phone cases provide great gifts for friends and family.
Enjoy your new phone case!
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