do efm smartphone cases injected with impact protection materials really work?

by:TenChen Tech     2020-03-07
Can a case of testing D30 impact technology really prevent this from happening?
Source: Supply Review: Drop your iPhone and turn on the screen is one of the few things in life that will shock your mother.
This means that iPhone users are always looking for solutions to protect their monitors.
Fortunately, an Australian lifestyle brand has been saved.
Supplied exclusively in Australia and New Zealand, the EFM has created many smartphone cases with impact protection materials injected from the UK
Based on developer d30.
The material is based on patented technology that provides enhanced shock absorption and impact protection
Newton principle
\"Under standard conditions, molecules flow freely, leaving the material soft and flexible, but they lock together at the time of impact, absorb the impact energy, and reduce the transmitted force.
\"The molecules will immediately return to the flexible state,\" EFM wrote . \".
\"The raw material is sensitive to the strain rate, which means that the stronger the impact, the more molecular reactions, the better the protection effect.
\"EFM Aspen is standard box shipping in five colors.
Source: supplier for iPhone 6 s and 6 s Plus shipped with two models for the case, orange, black, mint, purple, Navy and Batten EFM Aspen is a standard case, while the EFM Monaco has a flip cover with a secure magnetic latch to protect your screen, plus an inner shell made of D3O impact protection material to provide superior impact resistance.
To test the technology, we recently played with some D30 impact protection putty and some EFM phone cases.
As you can see from the video at the top of this story, we got some mixed results from the product.
Applying the gel to the surface of the bulb and watch does not provide the best protection, although the snowball is able to survive the attack.
Granted, we hit these items fairly with a hammer, and they do break much longer than we hit them without protecting the material.
The EFM Monaco is equipped with a flip cover with a secure magnetic latch to protect your Screen Source: However, the real question is whether the EFM case will protect the iPhone.
All EFM cases went through the lab before release
Controlled drop test, including dropping the phone with the housing from a height of one metre, and then measuring the force generated when the housing hits the bottom.
Basically, the lower the impact of the case, the higher the resistance.
EFM claims that in the range of 1 to 10, it cases scored 9 points in terms of impact protection.
To test this, we imitated the test, dropping some iPhones from a high metre high to see what would happen, and, lo, these cases seem to have fulfilled their promise.
After multiple drops, the iphone is not damaged and works fine.
So if you\'re looking for one of the best protective iPhone cases on the market, it\'s hard not to recommend this product.
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