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dodgy car dealers are most loathed

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-09
LONDON (Reuters)-Dodgy second-
According to government data on Tuesday, car dealers live well, suggesting they have triggered more complaints from Britons than any other provider of goods or services.
Government telephone and online consulting services Consumer Direct companies have recorded more than 37,000
Hand-held vehicles purchased from independent dealers, of the 4% cases recorded in 2006, nearly 963,684.
Complaints about mobile phone contracts came in second place, while complaints about TV sets came in third place.
Overall, almost everyone seems to be happy with the tram as they only register the minimum level of complaints for five people.
Despite some regional differences, the results are generally consistent across the country.
The Londoners work harder.
Regarding their mobile phone contract, while the issue of leather furniture is the number one complaint in Scotland.
Top ten complaintsSecond-
Handcart from independent dealer.
9% mobile phone contract 2.
6% TV sets
9% comprehensive building work 1.
Phone 8%-hardware 1.
6% car repair, repair 1 from separate garage.
5% cushion furniture 1.
5% kitchens.
3% seconds-
Licensed dealer\'s hand car 1.
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