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by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-09
LG VS750 Fathom is a smartphone with QWERTY grand piano and touch screen 3.
2 megapixels camera with fan focus and 3.
2 crawl WVGA screen display.
VS750 provides you-to-the-
Small mobile data series such as Minute, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA, plus 5-way directional boards and added slots, support microSD, microSDHC, TransFlash, SDIO
Promote understanding through Wi-
At any stage, you can use the Fi tool anywhere you need, and HTML browsing completes all your browsing needs in your personal phone.
In addition, VS750 also has Microsoft Windows mobile 6. 5.
Professional in its deeply rooted operating methods and ropes Windows CE 5. 2.
RAM characters of 2 and 265.
You get the fastest and unwavering phone than a few other phones. VS750 has up-to-the-
Minutes Window Media Player 10 making this phone is more interesting and beautiful-looking.
Other skins include Bluetooth 2.
1. microSD license slot supporting 16 gb-sized cards with backup.
LG VS750 Fathom accessories will make your phone cleaner and faster.
Accessories such as LG itinerant standard Li-
Ion battery SBPP0027402: a battery that is ideal for supporting LG phones, as well as an innovative 900 mAh battery that supports extended padding.
The battery can be replaced anytime, anywhere, but in your mind it\'s fully charged.
Mini USB car charger SGCC0003411: this gadget makes it clear in your mind that there will be no abnormal downtime for the phone after you need it.
When you travel with the least amount of battery, this car battery charger will make it easy for you to stay in touch.
Milante Abruzzi black vertical leather sleeve: Dust and fingerprints make your phone less attractive over time, but Milante Abruzzi black vertical leather container, white edge, your phone is limited, keep it as attractive as you wish
Wireless solution with USB port dual output vehicle power adapter (
Charging platform)
363082: After you have to charge two phones on stage, the energy adapter is excellent for your vehicle.
Wireless solution car phone charger with micro USB 2nd slot allows you to charge more than a single phone in one stage.
So, if you are banned from using instant and collective phones, there is no life but no life. Don\'t worry about the wireless solution dual output will have a clear effect in your mind for a day.
LG VS750 penetration glue card
Case for Wireless Solutions
Black: Deep Valley rubber buckle
On fits your phone and lets it be exposed again.
It is developed with support for wireless solutions and protection of your phone from bumps, wear and even failure drops.
Access in unusual colors, producing unusual exposures and unusual varieties.
LG travel charger SSAD0036301-
Micrb B: Travel phone charger is a great gadget that allows you to charge your phone at any time with a few USB cables that fit your phone.
It coordinates with all LG phones and some second micro USB devices, but you have to sense a separate USB cable or lg oem micro USB-
Use the available LG software to move the USB data cable of the part.
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