leaked schematic shows big switch in apple’s design for iphone 8

by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-26
Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to release the Iphone 8 in September.
Picture: Lin Ruilin/Getty Images.
Source: AFPSERIAL Apple leaker Sonny Dickson attended the meeting again, this time he shared part of the iPhone 8 program.
Dickson, he has more than three years of history.
The iPhone released today shares some of the biggest concerns Apple fans have about the flagship iPhone 8 released later this year.
The IPhone 8 seems to be moving in a new direction. twitter.
Com/mG19bcDYiCThe schematic, the watermark display is obtained through QC of Chinese social network, seems to reveal the design details of the rear panel of iPhone 8.
If the schematic is accurate, then it seems to prove that it is too difficult for Apple to find the TouchID fingerprint scanner to remain on the front of the phone and move to the back.
The schematic shows that the phone has a dual camera lens running vertically down, rather than passing through the back of the phone like the current iPhone 7 Plus design.
It also shows where the most likely fingerprint scanner is under the Apple logo
Some iPhone fans, including analyst koblina Milanesi, think it may not be included in the Apple logo.
If they can turn their logo into a scan, it would be great if whoever doesn\'t say how he got the image, or the possibility of the accuracy of the image, note: the assumed iPhone 8 design sketch also seems to have put two volume buttons on the side of the iPhone.
Dixon did not comment on the dimensions shown on the sketch, but if it is true, then that reveals another key information about the iPhone 8.
Dixon confirmed to News Corp that he thought it was the final design.
The sketch shows the design of an iPhone case in a size of 72.
497mm wide and 149 wide. 501mm tall —
This will make the iPhone 8 about 1mm wider and about 1 cm higher than the current iPhone 7.
The thinner, longer iPhone will be in line with the new look of the Samsung Galaxy s8.
The new screen shape reinforces the expectation that the iPhone 8 will have a bigger 5. 8-
Inch OLED that will be close to the edge-to-Advantages in design
Or, in other words, the iPhone 7 Plus-sized screen is in the iPhone 7-sized phone.
While this seems to be the biggest loophole in Apple\'s iPhone 8 plan so far, there is reason to be cautious.
Dixon has a good record of leaks, but it may be wrong.
This could be the design that Apple tried and rejected for the iPhone 8, as we know Apple tried various models before submitting the final design.
As there is no indication from the source, it is not possible to confirm that it is even a real sketch of Apple\'s design.
Yesterday, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves warned that if Apple can\'t figure out how to incorporate the fingerprint scanner into the screen or compromise with the design of putting the fingerprint scanner in the back of the phone.
While many smartphones have fingerprint scanners on the back, one of the drawbacks of this design is that you can\'t unlock your phone when it\'s sitting on the table.
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