nine classic mobile phones that could net you a fortune ...

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-03
If you are the kind of person who doesn\'t throw anything, you are lucky.
New research shows that old Motorola or Nokia phones you hide in the attic may be worth a lot of money.
EBay, the online auction site, has seen significant growth in post-80, 90 and Post-90 technology-which is sometimes sold for hundreds of pounds.
Those huge vintage phones can help you make phone calls in cash.
Here we summarize the top 10 devices.
The senator Mobira, released on 1982, is considered one of the first mobile phones.
This amazing device is sold as a mobile phone. car use only.
You can carry it with you, but it is very heavy. 8kg.
People are selling this history.
Make gadgets up to £ 1,500 online.
It\'s not bad for a phone that\'s almost as big as a phone case.
Motorola DynaTAC 8000X is the first handheld phone in the world.
It was sold for nearly £ 3,500 in 1983 and was immediately successful-people waited six months to get it.
The device is beige and comes with a calculator
Style of display screen and antenna.
It is sold on eBay for £ 50.
Nokia 8800 was considered a luxury phone when it was released in 2005, thanks to its excellent performance --
Wear-resistant, light
Natural and complex sliding mechanism of weight.
Its colors include gold, black and silver.
Depending on the completion, it now retails between 80 and 300.
The Nokia 9000 is the first product of the Nokia Communicator series.
It was launched in 1996. It is large in size and heavy in weight.
It is able to send and receive faxes, text messages and emails.
It also features calendars, calculators, notes and address books.
Its current retail price on eBay is 500.
Remember the first digital hand-size mobile?
Motorola 3200 was launched in 1992.
It\'s like a long, thin brick with digital buttons on the narrow side and headphones and microphones.
It cannot receive or send text messages.
The device is currently available on eBay for £ 50.
After the launch of the famous flip phone in 1996, sales reached 60 million.
This is one of the first devices to contain a vibration function and has a green light that flashes continuously to indicate that it has a network connection.
A rare transparent shell design is currently available online for £ 240.
The Nokia 8810 is a slider phone launched in 1998.
This is the first phone with built-in antenna and chrome plating.
The address book can store up to 250 names and numbers with an infrared port and a currency converter.
It is currently on sale on eBay from £ 150 to £ 500.
Nokia 8850 is considered an unfixable phone with very few phones on the market.
It is still a collector\'s item today.
It can store up to 250 names and 50 calendar notes as well as receive picture information.
It costs between £ 40 and £ 400.
The Nokia 7280 is part of the brand\'s fashion collection and is known as a \"lipstick phone\" due to its compact look \".
It has black, white and red styling and the screen fades to the mirror when it is not active.
The phone also appears in a video of the cat\'s beep music.
Its retail price on eBay is up to 270.
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