phone case released to help you propose to your partner

by:TenChen Tech     2019-12-04
This smartphone case is the latest proposal gadget you never know you need . . . . . . This is probably the stupidest way to propose marriage ever.
Not only does this case hide your engagement ring and prepare for this moment, but when you get down on your knees, it takes a picture of your partner.
This unusual product was made by a company in the United States called RokShok.
According to RokShok, 57 women uploaded photos of engagement rings on Facebook, and as many as 79 couples announced their engagement on social media.
So, of course, it makes perfect sense to encourage loved couples to spend as much time as possible spreading their good news on the World Wide Web.
Retail price is $59. 95(£44. 65)with a pre-
Order price of $39. 95 (£29. 75)
This smartphone case is designed to look like a battery box, so your partner won\'t be smarter.
It can accommodate a diamond ring size 2. 5 carats.
You just need to press the record before the issue pops up.
The ring will be displayed at the bottom of the photo and you can then share it online instantly.
If you are particularly confident that your partner will say \"yes\" and that you don\'t believe in tempting fate, you can even invite friends and family to watch the proposal live on social media.
There is no doubt that the phone case has received a lot of attention, and talk show host Jimmy Fallon even talked about it on tonight\'s show.
As pointed out in the section, this case does have its flaws, and most obviously you may end up taking pictures of your future spouse\'s double chin.
There is no denying, however, that this would be a memorable proposal.
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