taxpayers stung by overspending on mobile phones

by:TenChen Tech     2019-11-01
It is expected that $800,000 a year will be stung by overspending mobile phone pricing plans for senior civil servants.
On Sunday, the Herald\'s survey of mobile phone spending found hundreds of civil servants saving thousands of dollars a month for \"roaming\" overseas --
With the advent of smartphones, the public sector has made a leap in spending on mobile phones.
Despite the policy, employees should only use their mobile phones to access the Internet without other options.
In one case, one of Genesis Energy\'s executives was charged $5072 in a month.
The Herald found Sunday\'s survey of nearly 1000 senior government employees from 100 state-owned enterprises, universities and ministries: more than half of senior managers spend more than their monthly pricing in some cases, thousands of dollars.
While free WiFi was generally available at hotels and airports, first-quarter executives were stung by expensive international data roaming charges.
State-owned bosses spend more than $5000 a month on mobile business.
The staff usually get a $1000 BlackBerry.
Public service executives defended the allegations, but opposition lawmakers said the findings raised serious problems.
Chris Higgins, spokesman for Labor\'s state service, said: \"There is no good excuse to pay these bills.
\"The fact that these people are continuing to download a lot of data shows some sort of freedom --
The laissez-faire of spending public money.
Most hotels and airports offer free Wi-Fi and the Internet on smartphones should be replaced, Hipkins said.
\"If they are downloading a work --
The related app is OK, but if it\'s the latest version of Angry Birds, then that\'s not what they should do on their phone.
\"The $5072 bill for Genesis Energy employees in February was the biggest monthly expense.
The executive worked overseas for several weeks.
Richard Gordon, spokesman for Genesis Energy, said the costs of these bills are acceptable.
\"We do have guidelines on what is acceptable business use.
\"Shaun Coffey, chief executive of industrial research Co. , Ltd. , spent $7677 in 15 months, of which $2163 was spent in one month.
A spokesman said: \"Given the nature of IRL\'s business and the level of activities undertaken by the chief executive, this is a reasonable amount of the cost of the business.
\"The executives of our financial knowledge Board, the financial regulator, are among the people with higher spending.
Retired Commissioner Diana Cross spent $2364 in 15 months, and executive director David knee bone spent $2344.
Kneebone said that all mobile phone charges were paid within one day. to-day business.
Their mobile phone policy warns employees: \"Employees should pay attention when using their mobile phones. For the use of phones, texts and data, commissions are charged at a casual price.
\"Please note that this may increase soon.
\"Seven senior staff of New Zealand\'s security intelligence agency, which provides security for all government agencies, spend an average of $141 per month on mobile phone calls, text messages and internet data.
But one manager was identified as a senior manager, with an average of $415 per month, higher than the other managers --
Almost three times as many as colleagues.
Warren Tucker, director of safety, said the manager\'s increase was due to travel commitments and the \"nature of the role \".
\"I can confirm that the personal use of the official phone is closely monitored and that the staff will need to reimburse any cost of using the official phone for private purposes over $5 per month, Tucker said.
Mobile phone rental is also absorbing taxpayers\' money. Some institutions pay more for mobile phone rental than for use.
The Higher Education Commission spent nearly $4000 on renting mobile phones, compared to $3000.
In environmental science and research, senior staff have spent thousands of pounds over the past year.
A spokesman for the National Service Commission said that agencies are expected to develop expenditure policies that allow staff to effectively perform their duties and complete their work.
The government launched a new commodity trading system in April.
Buy a mobile phone contract through Vodafone, telecom and 2 degrees.
The purpose of the statement is to avoid \"bill impact and hidden costs \".
The use of overseas data is the culprit of the increase in spending.
On September and last October, New Zealand Sports chief executive Peter Miskimmin received a $10,000 data bill and a $1131 phone bill.
Marketing manager Laurie Edwards said that most people use laptops during the two.
Travel to Europe for a week
Miskimmin met with international sports organizations including England sports, the British Youth Sports Trust, Scottish sports and the Irish Sports Council.
\"The purpose of this trip is to understand the reasons for the success of these organizations,\" Edwards said . \".
Employees were educated to use their mobile phones effectively, Edwards said.
\"We will continue to look at how we can reduce these costs in the future, for example
Or pay sim cards using internet technology.
\"Global roaming is a killer, and the experience of the chief executive of the Northern Health Bureau illustrates the impact of roaming phone charges.
Nine senior staff members spent $12,000 a month on their phones at the Northern District Health Council-
During the month, an average of $88 per person per month.
But then chief executive Nick Chamberlain, who was general manager of clinical services, had a monthly bill of only $774.
Last June, 45
In his last year in charge of clinical services, Chamberlain averaged over $100 a month.
Leeds inch, spokesman for the Northern Health Bureau, said Chamberlain worked overseas and relied on mobile phones to contact the hospital.
\"During this period, Nick was unable to use the Citrix service [due to technical difficulties [and]
Therefore, we rely on global roaming data access . \"
Citrix is an off-
On-site staff access documents and use the intranet of the Health Council.
Mobile phone consumption has been strictly monitored, he said.
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