the top 10 most bizarre iphone cases photo gallery

by:TenChen Tech     2020-02-29
Robotetor iPhone case the futuristic iPhone case turns your phone into a robot action map.
Everything from arms to evil eyes warns you that robots will one day bring bad luck to humans.
Designed by Nugo Designs and made of durable silicone, robotetor protects your iPhone from dust.
The case is easy to put in your pocket and the arms reach out and look fierce and will definitely make you creepy.
The shell of the small black book iPhone 4 the shell of the small black book iPhone will remind you of the previous hardcover novels and diaries.
The unique case design exudes an ancient flavor.
The charm of the world keeps your iPhone from peeping.
The exterior of the case is made of Italian adhesive leather and is lined with a sturdy book bound cloth.
You will also find the classic bookmark line, which reminds you of the bookmarks you found in the old ones
Vintage moleskin notebook.
The little black book box is ideal for bookworms or people who like to dress up their iPhone with something unique.
The case for this iPhone is completely weird, simply \"easy to hear \".
Designed by Daniela Gilsanz, these quirky iPhone cases come with photos of different types of ears, showing as actual sizes.
The case designer first took high-definition ear photos and printed them on the back of the case. The real-
The \"ear of life\" photo will make passers-by feel that you put a transparent mobile phone on your ear.
This incredibly unique case is available in CollabCubed.
Undercover stealth case is the perfect cover to hide your new iPhone from curious eyes.
The box is designed to look exactly like the old envelope of the US post.
The attention to detail is amazing-everything from stamps to labels can be found outside the box.
The undercover invisible housing is made of waterproof material and padded with protective PE inside is the safest option, but make sure your phone doesn\'t show up in the mailbox!
Jon EicherWhat\'s sturdy and durable iPhone case for the iPhone looks like a simple metal case that is actually a military case made of automotive and truck body grade aluminum. The two-
Fix the metal case together using aerospace grade fasteners.
The unique housing structure has an EVA foam lining that protects the phone from scratches.
Custom cutouts ensure you have access to all ports and buttons.
The box is very light, very attractive and unique. Wooden Old-
If you like retro cameras then you should not miss this unique case.
The iPhone 4 case is made of walnut and has two pieces to snap together to cover the phone. The old-
Thanks to laser technology, the camera design of the school is beautiful.
The beautifully carved wooden cases look as real as any old camera your grandfather has.
There is a thin felt pad inside the case that will protect your phone from accidental bumps.
The unique design and lovely wood gloss make it a collector\'s item.
The cover of the IMeshi Unagi iPhone 4 is a microcosm of Japanese cuisine.
Unagi is a traditional cuisine (
And expensive)
Japanese cuisine consisting of cooked eel and steamed white rice.
This very delicious and unusual box has a silicone replica of Unagi which is as delicious as the real one.
However, this situation does not provide access to the camera lens, so you have to remove the photo before you take it.
There is nothing more nostalgic about the Homade vintage cassette iPhone case than the iPhone 4 vintage cassette.
The design of the Homade silicone vintage cassette iPhone case looks like an audio cassette after 80 s.
The Dark Box cover in red and black will remind you of the old TDK/Sony tapes you might use to record your songs.
The case slides easily to the iPhone with access to all buttons and ports.
The case for the Opena iPhone 4 CaseAn iPhone is an obvious choice for beer --loving crowd.
In this case, the cool shape and clever design are notable.
Its protective ABS hard shell has an integrated stainless steel bottle opener that can easily slide out without scratching the surface of the phone.
Innovative Design and cool form factor make it different from other iPhone bottles --opener cases.
Dokkiri hand case this strange unphysical hand case is the perfect Halloween gift you are looking.
The so-called Dokkiri case looks very real.
The silicone case slides easily onto your iPhone with your hands on the back of your phone.
The IPhone 4 case design is very weird and can be very \"convenient\" if you are going to prank your friends \".
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