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by:TenChen Tech     2019-10-24
Sony\'s latest flagship phone is easy to use.
Selfies have never been my strength, but I couldn\'t help but take a lot of photos of myself while visiting the Brahmin futu Temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Perhaps it is an illusion that I have finally become the tiny man in the picture-there is no way to cover the majestic 8 th century Buddhist temple-or perhaps because the sky is bright, the lights were perfect but one thing was for sure that day, I never took as many selfies as I did with Sony Xperia Tibet. (True story. )
Lights Tibet comes with a 23-
The megapixel master camera with predictive autofocus technology allows you to keep the focus and shooting of the subject in place without any blur.
It works well in case of insufficient light, so the user does not have to rush to focus when taking pictures in less than ideal light.
Selfie fans will enjoy 13-
The megapixel front camera with a wide angle lens-which means you can plug as much as you can on the screen without having to stretch your arm for that perfect selfie.
However, the front camera is not as good as the main camera in case of insufficient light.
The physical camera button on the phone is a welcome return and the 4k video quality is also an extra bonus.
As we all know, Sony has abandoned the Z-series, and the X-series smartphone has injected new vitality.
However, its latest flagship, Tibet, is a mix of the two.
Some members of the tech media even referred to Tibet as the Xperia z6.
For example, its appearance.
At first glance, it is similar to its predecessor, but if you look closely, the edges fold into a soft circular curve that gives the phone a comfortable grip.
The rear panel is made of Sony\'s trademark alkaline metal, adding gloss and brightness to the finish, and tough enough to be used without protecting the housing.
Note, however, that it does not have a reinforced angle for the Xperia Z5-it is designed to absorb effects if the phone drops.
Xperia XZ has IP68 waterproof and dust-proof performance, so you don\'t have to worry about occasional rain or even take a shower with your mobile phone.
However, Sony strongly recommends that users do not place the device completely under water and do not expose it to liquids such as seawater, salt water, chlorine water or beverages.
It also pointed out that there is no card USB for Xperia Tibet-
The C port must be completely dry before charging the phone.
Sony Xperia Tibet runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, providing a full and smooth operation for daily tasks.
Apps and games on the phone were loaded quickly, and while I\'m not a gamer, I can even say that the phone is a great platform for my fortune wheel and other random word games.
The graphics are clear and there is no lag in the phone.
With 64gb of internal storage, users can download a large number of applications and games.
The return of PS4 remote playback is also a commendable move, with game handle accessories supporting streaming from console to mobile phone. The 5.
2in screen provides very detailed images, although it may be a little too big for people with smaller hands.
When it comes to hands, right?
Handed users will like the volume, power and camera buttons arranged on the right side of the phone.
Power button with built-in-
In the fingerprint scanner, it is perfect for your thumb when unlocking the device.
The speed at which the scanner works and unlocks the phone is amazing.
When the phone is facing up on the table, I also register my right index finger in memory to unlock it. Left-
Handed users will find this a bit irritating, but it\'s not a fix to register the different fingers that best suit them.
If the fingerprint sensor is not your thing, you can still use the lock screen pattern or password to protect your phone.
Sony love Tibet comes with several pre-
Install apps like console, TrackID, sketch, movie maker, Xperia Lounge and life log.
I like to sketch the material for my inner artist.
All I have to do is doodle my heart out and all of a sudden it\'s a masterpiece worth showing on Facebook or Instagram.
For news lovers, Xperia Lounge is an easy way to connect with the world without even taking your eyes off your smartphone.
Similar to Flipboard, Xperia Lounge connects you to articles and videos related to the topic of your choice.
Now, the last thing you should worry about when you have fun online is battery life.
The Sony Xperia series is known for its battery life.
Tibet is equipped with a 2,900 battery and I can actually use more than a day without charging my phone, using social media moderately and playing games occasionally.
The bottom line of the Android user interface is definitely an idiot-
It doesn\'t take much time or effort to prove first
Users are accustomed to the time of mobile phones.
As much as I can, I can\'t find any phone I don\'t like except for a trivial detail-the SIM card slot in the upper left corner of the phone is too easy to open.
My curious friends kept \"opening\" the lid to see what was inside-without realizing the SIM card (s)
The result is unplugged-the phone restarts every time this happens.
By the way, the SIM card tray is actually a hybrid tray that can accept two nano SIM cards or a nano SIM card with a microSD card.
On top of that, it\'s really fun to use Sony Xperia Tibet.
Good camera, good battery life, definitely a fuss-
Freedom-I like it all.
Advantages: good front and rear camera;
Long battery life; sleek design;
Fast fingerprint sensor.
Disadvantages: small hands are slightly larger;
There is no reinforced angle for the reinformed z5. Xperia XZ(Sony)
Android smartphone network: 4g Operating system: Android Marshmallow Display: 5.
2in full HD 1080 pCAMERA: 23-
Rear camera pixels; 13-
Million pixel front camera connection: Bluetooth 4.
Monthly wifipocessor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 memory: 64 8gb internal storage, monthly national standard RAMBATTERY: 2,900mAhDIMENSIONS (W x D x H): 72 x 8.
1x146 weight: 161 GPRS ice: RM2, 699 rating: 4 starsview units supplied by Sony Malaysia Sdn Bhd, 1300-88-
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